Housing search Tips and tools

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"I have a voucher.."

It is all too normal for landlords and brokers to change their tone or interest in your call once you share that you have a rental assistance voucher or program. While they still may discriminate, below are helpful tips to use that will help keep the conversation going, and provide you with the evidence you need to report discrimination. 


Tips for Speaking to Landlords/Brokers with Alternative Sources of Income

Helpful phrases to consider when speaking with landlords and brokers about potential housing


Do NOT tell landlord/broker upfront that you have a voucher. Wait until they ask you about income.

"Hi, I'm calling to see if you have any apartments available for one person. "


Get them talking, even if they say they have nothing available. 

"Do you normally have something in my price range?"

Ask for the name of the person you are speaking to and where they work. Do NOT say you are keeping records!

" Hi, I am calling to see if you have any apartments available. Who am I speaking with?"


When you are asked about the price range you're seeking for an apartment, do not give them the specific amount the voucher covers.

"My budget is around $--."


If they ask when you are looking to move, do NOT say as soon as possible. Be general about it

"I am looking to move by the end of the month"


If they ask about your income, be honest!

"I have a -- voucher"


Housing Search Tools for Voucher Holders

Click below to download helpful tools for voucher holders to use while conducting their housing search. Housing Search Tips provides a step-by-step outline of how to look for housing online using one of the many websites where real estate is listed.